Wedding planning: from the basis to the coordination
I will give you my assistance from the first organization step until the end of the day, until the cutting of the cake.


Looking for the right wedding venue is based on a series of evaluations: the budget available, the number of guests, the kind of style and theme which will characterize your wedding, the wedding reception, the entertainment etc.
Many things are to be considered to reach the right balance between your needs, dreams and budget.
You just continue dreaming and I will deal with looking for the ideal place, the economic issues up to the signing of the contract.


Using shared files we will check together the budget, deadlines and the progress of the marriage project.
What services do you absolutely want? What could you do without? These are the main issues to be addressed to make sure you get the best results possible. I will be your point of contact and guide you in every single choice you


Every supplier has its own peculiarity. I have developed a business relationship with experts in this field capable of satisfying any need. I will contact suppliers who I consider suitable for my couple so that they can make their dream come true in the best way considering the budget available.
I will help and follow you in your choices, including your wedding clothes if you like.
The final decision will obviously be yours, from my part I will give you the best advices


An important part of my job is to plan the time table together and it is to be respected by the suppliers.
One of my tasks will be to make sure that the timing is respected while things are being set first and then during the event, for example caterer and floral decorators will work together for the reception but at different times.
The project includes the wedding day time planning including the special mom


The activity that will relieve you and keep you from worrying about suppliers and timeline of your wedding day. I will plan the schedule, the timing of the day, the arrival, the service timetable, places and the time.
Everything will be planned precisely and everybody will be informed about the event.
I will coordinate every single thing and I will find a solution to anything unexpected. Fundamental aspects are to know exactly who should do what and when.
Everything will be carried out in time and exactly as things have been programmed together.
This is the result of good directing.

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