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My name is Alessia and I was born in Emilia Romagna but I have been living in Tuscany for a very long time. I love travelling, dancing and I am a very curious and creative person. I am determined and I love challenges.

I love etiquette and good manners, I follow the rules but adapt them to the customs of our times.

I travelled a lot in the past and I have lived abroad where I worked for important multinational companies in the sales field.
The kind of working and living experience I have had has been a real professional training for me and it has turned out to be precious for my job as a wedding planner too. It is very important to be able to deal with suppliers to obtain advantageous economic conditions for my future couple of spouses.


Once I came back from abroad I decided to move to Tuscany. I have been working in the world of weddings ever since, at the beginning I worked as a supplier and later as a wedding planner.

I have studied and worked with great experienced colleagues.
The best way to train is to get involved professionally by attending the wedding.

Adrenaline, the couple’s emotions, the long way you go through until you get to the great day are the things that have helped me love my job.

The success of a wedding depends on taking care of your guests and on a masterly proportioning of many ingredients which must be measured and mixed properly

If you want something to happen...

you have to make it happen

Two events in One

A real professional! … She was able to bring all our ideas to life… She was always ready to welcome and solve all our doubts. A very special thanks from two newlyweds who have felt close to you in this absurd period and who without you would not have known how to.

Manuela e Marco

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